Hermsen Rental was establish in May of 2017, by Matt & Jen Hermsen, in Dubuque, IA. Both having large families, event equipment was challenging to acquire to accommodate all event guests. Driving from multiple places to pick up and drop off borrowed equipment was very time consuming. Not to mention nothing match! That’s when Hermsen Rental, and the service of rental tables/chairs/tents, was formed. Let us take this stressful portion off your plate for you! We have you covered. We will deliver and pick up to make your special event an even smoother process. Contact us today to help with your next event!


It’ll come in handy in more ways than you can imagine: the folding, rugged Banquet Table. Great for a holiday buffet, having a crowd over in the basement, garage or back yard, or for holiday displays.
Plastic folding chairs are the choice of many event planners for their lightweight design, ease of cleaning and versatility among events. This portable folding chair can be used for Banquets, Parties, Graduations, Sporting Events, School Functions and in the Classroom.
Canopy tents are a great addition to your event. We offer multiple sizes and styles.

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